Chestnut Hill

Div. B

Invitational Tournament

Thank you to everyone who helped make Dec 15 a terrific day! Congrats to the winning teams and a job well-done by all!

Results are available on Ezra.

Registration is now closed, see you on Dec 15!

Important updates at the bottom of the page!

Important numbers:



The day in December of the Chestnut Hill Div. B Invitational Tournament.

Chestnut Hill Middle School | 200 Saslon Park Dr, Liverpool, NY 13088.



The maximum number of team slots available.


The percent of National and NYS Trial Events to be run at the tournament.


  • The tournament registration fee amount; NOTE* teams must be fully registered [e.g. confirmed paid] with NYSSO to attend the tournament;  

  • Also, the number of judging or proctoring duties being asked of coaches | We welcome coaches to volunteer their expertise, but we also value your commitment to coaching and supervising your teams!



Email Patrick Witmer, Tournament Coordinator



Oct 31.

Reminders to Coaches:

  1. Registration is open now through Dec 7th. 

  2. Event sign-ups ('self-schedule') will open on Dec 8th at 8:00 AM. 

  3. All student and school forms required at the Regional level are also required for the Invitational, e.g. Medical, Talent Release, Vandalism, Code of Conduct, etc. 

  4. Please use the Alternates Form at the top of the page when considering the structure of your team(s). 


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Per Student

Per Team

Nov 24


Nov 26

Road Scholar will use the same maps as last year. 

Campus Parking Map

Teams may drop-off in front of the Main Entrance. The curb is not long, so please do not linger.